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Yo for real, FUCK SCHOOL ! I mean imma still go, imma still go tho.

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what people are really thinking during sex…
I have an obsession with being wanted. I refuse to settle down into a quiet relationship where we tell each other how much we love each other and fuck quietly on Saturday nights with the lights off. I need adventure. I need hearts pounding to the beat of body against body. I don’t want butterflies; I want a nuclear explosion inside of my stomach. I don’t want someone to play with my hair, I want someone to pull it.

Everyone talks about love like it is a perfect formula, but you cannot calculate what I am looking for. There is no recipe to follow that can produce the fire I need. When he touches my thigh, I want to feel shivers down my back. I want to feel thunder inside of my chest when he moans my name into my neck. I’ve lived my whole life accepting mediocre love, now I want earthquakes.

-i’m sorry for not loving you & your tenderness, but i’m a wildfire you cannot put out with your kisses | S.B.  (via kelseygilbert)

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Not being able to kiss someone you really rEALLY REALLY wanna kiss is kinda sad and very dumb.

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My thing is, have sex whenever you decide to want to have sex. You want to have sex on the first night, go ahead. You want to have sex after 20 dates, go ahead. You want to never have sex, go ahead. People think that someone’s sexual choices actually coincide with their personality. If all you can think of someone’s worth is whether they want to have sex or not, then the problem is probably you.

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Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.

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